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Earth Future YHWH Says

Yahweh says the destruction of earth is coming very soon

4 kittens came into the house.
The same morning, Gabriel, the arch angel indicated the meaning of the dream.

“4 kittens”
“4 x 10 = 40 years”
“40 more years till the destruction of earth”
“1975 + 40 =2015

20 Page letter mailed on 12-12-1975 to 87 Priest –Cardinals – Bishops – Abbots

Including the Cardinal who became the next two Popes:
Albino Luciani and Karol Wojtyla, along with the then Pope, Paul VI
Read more about the worlds future
in the message from the Lord.

Moses led the people out of Egypt and they were in the desert 40 years.
Therefor, were in the desert for 40 x 365 ¼ days.

They spent one complete generation in the desert.

F.J.M 10-16-2017

Conclusion the destruction of the earth is/ remains imminent =
could happen any day, as Mr. Putin said recently “in 15 minutes world destruction could begin! ”

F.J.M 10-16-17


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