who were getting reports of what was going on.

You might check with the Father Thomas Doyle, O.P

at the Chicago Chancery Office.

While you are about it, Ask Fr.Doyle to call Fritz Plous

and find out when I contacted the paper about 7 seas Charlie ad Mike Wells…

the guys who (I should say cops)…

who offered to arrange a contract- to kill my ex for a price ($5,000)

There also a Tom (Dolan) he can call too at the Chicago Daily News.

Maybe Father Doyle can tell you who it was that was listing when that person said to me:

” I am Gabriel the Archangel”

AS I told you over the phone, Father Dohr,

very early on Easter morning, as that person was conversing with me. I saw the Queen of Heaven… vision Mary!

What I didn’t tell you…the next morning early as we were conversing,  (4)

I went into a trance-like state.

I was talking and for a moment I could hear myself but I don’t remember what I was saying.

I know my voice was firm ad clear better than I  usually talk, and that I was speaking in a religious vein.

Judging by the clock, I must have spoken continuously for about 20 minutes.

And,  this is folly,

I believe the Holy Spirit was speaking though me.

How could I think this when I don’t know what I was saying?

God knows.

Maybe Father Doyle also knows…

what I said then (and on 2 or 3 other occasions during the next week or so)

No doubt his “contacts”…

his “sources of information” were listening.

Big bother is watching you.

More contemporary:

” G-persons are listen.”

I may also include some other dreams I had

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