and their interpretation. e.g. dreams about the last two popes (the next two). 5

Now, the other matters that I want  to include. As you know, the time is running… the time is short. If changes ever are to be affected now is the time for them…. soon!

First, is this not the time?…. for all to start to receive the blood of Jesus under the form of wine in communion… at Mass. I tell you most solemnly,anyone who does eat my [Jesus] flesh and drink my [Jesus] blood has eternal life. Again,…. “All of you must drink from it.” (Jesus said.) “for this is my blood, the blood of the covenant”…

When Jesus said this, he was speaking to the Christians of every age. Now commonly, the priest consumes all the precious nectar at mass giving none to the communicants. Then, for the priest’s convenience, a stored up Host is distributed.

This is a stupid and selfish way to offer up the Mass. [an unreflected way December 24, 2018 F.J.M]

Further,”this cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do, this, whenever you drink it, in  remembrance of me…. until the Lord comes. …. whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily sins against the body and blood of the Lord.”

We should all be receiving Jesus blood as well as the holy bread when we go to communion. Soon, Lord Jesus, soon! Now!

However, those who engage in mutual-masturbation-by-means-of-contraceptives…. are they not receiving the body and blood unworthy…. when they go to communion? It makes no difference if they receive the holy bread only, they are still guilty of a sin against the body and the blood of the Lord when they receive. 

Let them stop playing with themselves and obey God first.

As for abortion butchers infants murderers and murderesses. 

YHWH Says Page 11