…. even for preponderantly woman listeners.

God is not a “he”.

Does the everyday liturgy emphasize….emphasize sufficiently the feminine person? for example, use of passages such as: Luke 1-38, Jerusalem Bible: ” I am the handmaid of the Lord…” V45. “Blessed is she who trusted the Lord’s words to her would be fulfilled.” In another passage, The New Psalter, Charles J. Callan, O.P.: (Lat.),

“Habitare facit eam, quas sterilis erat, in demo, matrem filiorum Laetantem…. [Yahweh] 7 makes her that was barren to dwell in a home, the glad mother of sons.”

The Latin word which is facit and can be translated he makes, she makes, or, it makes. ( wouldn’t it also be translated, who makes?)

As I said, the foregoing was a digression, but I don’t know when I’ll again write to you, and I wanted to mention these matters; regularly receiving the precious  blood; sexist emphasis in the liturgy.

I wanted to mention something else, as long as I have the opportunity. Since the time is short wouldn’t it be good — for the Church to proclaim Mary is Queen the one clothed with garments resplendent as the sun …. with a crown of twelve stars with the moon as her pedestal; and as I believe…. mediatrix of grace.

Also, the time for Israel must be at hand. We all know that Moses is a saint…. and Elijah, and the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob…. and Isaiah and the prophets – Judith and the holy woman…. “you are the joy of Jerusalem, you are the glory of Israel,

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