you are the honor of your people.” Wouldn’t it be good and right for the church to proclaim Moses a saint…. he was seen in glory by Peter James and John when he and Elijah appeared with Jesus-the Word become flesh- transfigured before them.

To conclude: 

You know who the person is who told me,…”forty years till the destruction of the earth.” Inquire of that person yourself, or send the authorities to inquire. You believe what you want to, you will anyway.

The day of Yahweh is coming, merciless, with wrath and fierce anger to reduce the earth to desert and root out the sinners from it. … its smoke goes up forever… There will be no way for anybody to evade it. This is the stern answer for thier decree of infanticide.”

“They killed me in the womb and made my mother my grave.” 

Gabriel didn’t say that, Yahweh did…. through the prophet. I could give you many other reasons for believing that person when it told me ” I am Gabriel the Archangel.”…. its knowledge of the Scripture…. Peniel and Hezekiah…. its super knowledge of TV programs and schedules of pop artist and songs. It knew the lyrics of 100 songs but couldn’t carry a tune…. except Dominique which it sang through in French in perfect tone and rhythm.

Go question that person yourself, You know where that person lives…. with its father. Question them yourself.

It won’t make any difference…. Yahweh’s Word is Truth Every time I picked up the Scriptures and read…. between March 25 the day of my dream and April 7 (1975) the feast of the Annunciation,

YHWH Says Page 15