Remember, at this point I still thought: maybe it isn’t forty years….because I remember that Gabriel had said when it interpreted my dream about the kittens…. that Gabriel prefaced its remarks with “could it be”…. 

I still don’t know whether I counted accurately, all I know is that I was trying to count right – the true number. In fact as I was counting I caught myself in a mistake and had to make an adjustment as I went along.

It is not that easy to rightly count, because in addition to sons, the book mentions the terms: father, concubine, daughter, clans, descendents, etc…. right along with the sons…. besides, some names are mentioned more than once.

I tried to count true and the number I counted was 40.

Gabriel said forty, I counted 40 

I kissed the book where it says forty….

The last time I picked the book up

(before going to call the radio show, Bill Berg.)

(on the feast of the Annunciation, April 7, 1975)… with may eyes closed, and using the new American Bible-New Testament which Gabriel had given to me a new paperback copy…. with my eyes closed, I opened the book and kissed the page at Acts 7-30 That’s good enough for me. God’s word is True.

The Spirit and the bride say come. Come Lord Jesus, come! Yahweh says: “forty years later.”

-Mailed 12o12-1975

c Copyright 1975 Francis James Patrick Murray, Lighthouse Point, Florida

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