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I tested that person as scripture says to… to determine what sort of spirit it is. With some reluctance and after some days of delay that person admitted that Jesus is God, and that Mary is the Mother of God… admitted with even a certain reverence.

 I concluded that this person must be an angel… in human form. When we wrestled it had about the same strength I did… except once in a while when it would use vastly superior strength. I am 6 feet, and 170 or 175 pounds…. in good physical condition. This person was shorter, and 145 pounds… tho younger… age 18 or 19 then.

I have wrestled recently with both my nephews who were on their respective high school wrestling teams,and who are my size or bigger.

The (nephew) one with the better won-lost record… has told me that I am stronger than he is.

With each of them, one submission hold I have… is a leg scissors grip around their stomach.

Not long after “Chuck” and I began our games… one time, I got a leg scissors grip around his stomach. I decided to really bear down and see what happen.

He protested, but I could see it wasn’t hurting him. It was like squeezing against my own muscles… pressing my own legs together.

As I Say the thing that disturbed me was the language Chuck used but I figured: I’m not going to tell an angel what it can or can’t say…

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