(Remember it confessed that Jesus is God, and Mary, God,s mother)…. or what it should do– how it should act. That’s another thing, about half the time it acted crazy… neurotic… hyperactive… nervous… but again, too perfectly. I know too that this boy had been in mental institutions twice. But that didn’t bother me’ I believe its an angel. You Believe what you want to. (God will show who’s right.) March 24th I believe  that person told me of a dream it had or dreams. In the dream it killed giants (13, I  think), and later married Patty Hearst. (one of its favorite characters, along with Cat Woman and Bat Girl.)

When they got married they were naked, in fact everybody in the place was naked… except the priest.[We are all sinners, (my interpretation) naked in the sight of God.] Later that person told me the tale of the giants and about its marriage with Patty Hearst… both were mostly fantasies ( as I had guessed.) and not dreams at all. In the past, I have seldom had dreams, and usually am unable to remember their contents. That very night I had a vivid dream… which hd no trouble remembering , after I woke up, and even later that day. I am including what I wrote about the dream what I wrote that same day.


I had a dream:

In the dream, in the middle of the night some one was at the front door. I met my father who was  coming down the hall and through the parlor… the sleep was still in his eyes.

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