YHWH Says Page 5

We were both alarmed because of the lateness of the hour,

and the quiet of the night.

We peeked through the curtains of the inner door in case

it might be some violent intruder.

But the person knocking was at the outer door…

across the porch, which was enclosed and standing on the steps,

knocking at the outside door.

Then we saw him – he may have come and

knocked at the inner door too –

it was a boy about 11 years old.

He was already walking with his back to us toward the outer door.

By the time we got the inner door open…

he was gone.

I wanted to open the door faster but something delayed me –

lest the poor child be forced back into the night….

I even knocked on the inner door’s glass window (to get his attention)

so he would hear me, and stay until I could get the door open.

By the time I could, get the door open and get to the second door

(because I was delayed… even prevented) he was gone.

I opened the outer door and looked, but he was nowhere in sight.

Instead, some kittens 4 or 5 came through the open door (but it was 4) along with the father cat.

Our own cat, which was the mother, was already inside on the enclosed porch with me.

The father cat and the mother cat embraced…

not in any sex fashion but almost as if human…

yet using their 4 limbs in a manner entirely proper for cats.

I tried to sweep the kittens out…

not wanting them in the house, and I succeeded and the father cat too.