Yahweh’s destruction is coming. It will be complete… There is no forestalling it. “God, Yahweh, has had enough.” This is what Yahweh says.

[I am not Elijah, and I am not the prophet. But Perhaps I am clothed with the garment of Elijah — the spirit of truth.]

When that person interpreted the dream for me it didn’t tell me who it is… but I guessed. That person did tell me tho within a few days. That person asked me to go to its room for something leaving it alone in my room with my play manuscript, my personal letters, and other items.

When I hesitated that person said: ” You know who I am” I responded,

“no I don’t. who are you?” (I had guessed, but I didn’t know.)” That person said: “I am Gabriel the Archangel.”

After I came back, I said, “did anyone else hear you when you said that?” Gabriel answered, “everybody!”

Later the angel said to me, “trust me Frank!” I assure you, I did…. even when what that person said or did seemed almost irrational…. or at least foolish. As I said to Gabriel, “the folly of God is better than the wisdom of humans.”

Now I guess I better tell you what I didn’t know if I would tell or not. Ever since I wrote letters, criticizing his Supreme Filthiness, Douglas, and the degeneracy of Nelson Rockefeller, ever since then, “The G” have been following me around like puppy dogs. That’s why I wanted to get lost, so I could work in peace. But it was not to be.

YHWH Says Page 8