I did shake them – lose them when I left St. Louis ( Missouri). But when I had to stop several times at the Dominican Priory in River Forest, lll., to get my letters and some outlines and dialogue which I had previously written for the play, …. the government agents got me under surveillance once more. How they picked me up, I don’t know. I know believe that in the past the Dominican’s phones have been tapped both there and at Fenwick High School in Oak Park; and that at least one teacher has been used as a spy who was a volunteer door and phone watcher at the Priory of Dominic and St. Thomas Aquinas. Anyway the government agents started observing me again… I’m sure. Fantastic! … I agree… but I can give you dates, names and  addresses, In fact one of my intentions and reasons for going to Chicago was to swear out a warrant against a government undercover agent who had illegally entered my house — broke into the apartment in which I lived.

I went to see Fritz Plous at the Chicago Sun Times to tell him of my intentions. Plous wasn’t there, so I left a note for him to that effect.

After I got back from my trip to the newspaper, Chuck wrestled with me and wouldn’t quit until in desperation I pick up my Bible. It left me when I started to read. 

I soon came upon the place in the book where David was in the cave…. and had Saul the ruler under his power. David did not use his power to overcome the king, the ruler, the government –“the G” I got the message.

Chuck (Gabriel showed me in subsequent conversation that it knew what I had intended. and also knew that I change my plans and would not have that agent arrested.

 Who is the “everybody” who was listening; no one else seemed to be around… at least no one paying attention to us. I’ll tell you who was listening…. “the G” was, by electronic listing devices. I am pretty sure that “everybody” included certain church officials.

YHWH Says Page 9