( First 4 Pages transcribed from “MERIPRINT” )

Fr. Donald Dohr

Annunciation Church

1650 N. Paulina Street

Chicago, Illinois 60622

 Dear Father Dohr:

I decided to take your advice and write a letter about what took place. You my even recall, Father Dohr, that you suggested writing letters would be a better way than the one I was employing ( radio talk show). Also, This way I can set down what happen so that people don’t misconstrue or misinterpret later. Then too, as time passes, I too no doubt will not have events fresh in my mind.[ AS a matter of fact, I wrote this in May but am just now able to have it type.]

I want to tell you what happen to me — between me and the person who said to me: ” I am Gabriel the Archangel”. That should be enough to convey to you but I know what a chore it is to do this type of thing — to write such a letter and get it mailed out.Therefore, I intended to include some additional items and also some views on religious topics…. as I don’t know when I will again have the energy and time to contact people in this manner.

I guess my journey which ended your parish vicinity… my journing really began in Orlando, Florida-Disney World.

There I heard a marvelous sound of music (I have always been partial to the trumpet)… a group called Gabriel’s Brass. 

From there I hitchhiked rides to Chicago, purposefully choosing that particular way of traveling. I got rides across Florida in a station wagon… from a person  I concluded was Lucifer… because of the things that person told me: how it was “tripping” that it had been everywhere how brilliant it was how significant essence is, especially its essence , etc.

It was concerned and even somewhat apprehensive about where I was going. At the time I didn’t know why it should be


C Copyrihgt, Francis James Patrick Murray, Lighthouse Point, Florida

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