the message was confirmed. I used three different Bible books, and open them at random – The Jerusalem Bible, New American (NT.) and Callan’s Psalter. Without exception each time I opened the Holy Book as I believe the message was reinforced or my resolve was strengthened:: either, time: the 40 years. judgement: the whole world will be judged.

Prophecy: the Lord who gives the Spirit to the prophets has sent…. also,…. a chosen servant of the Lord…. again,…. I Jesus have sent my angel…. also,….Elisha prayed, Yahweh open his eyes…. the end times: the Lord with the sound of the trumpet…. also,…. I have come down to rescue them…. and, …. The Spirit and the bride say “come”.

“Look your God is coming, vengeance is coming, the retribution of God. Yahweh is coming to save….!

The day of the Lord will come like a thief…. the earth and all that it contains will be burnt up.”

As to the time, the angel wanted me to prophesy, saying of itself: (about itself) “I am not the prophet, it’s not for me to say how many years.” and again,”so, you think your’re the prophet, Frank”…. tho I had never said that to the angel. 

After Gabriel’s interpretation of my dream, the first time I picked the book up, it open to 1 Chronicles 2-42. When I counted to 40, I knew I should stop counting. In fact, after opening the book up…. at random, and starting to read….

I said to myself, “There is no time mentioned here.” But then after reading for a while, I again said, “ah, no time is mentioned, but the son’s are enumerated. What I must do is count the number of sons…. till the end of the chapter.” I had no foreknowledge of what number would come up.

YHWH Says Page 16