Cardinal John Heenan, London, England

Bishop Alphonso Espino Silva, Monterrey, Mexico

Bishop Alberto A. Merino, Chihuahua, Mexico

Bishop Rosendo Huesca, Los Angeles, Mexico

Bishop Jean Jadot, Washington, D.C

Bishop Philip Francis Pococl, Toronto, Canada

Bishop Leonard Crowley, Montrol, Canada

Bishop Patrick James Skinner, CJN, Newfoundland, Canada

Bishop Bernard Hubert, Quebec, Canada

Bishop Maxime Hermaniuk, C.SS.R, Winnipeg, Canada

Bishop Thomas McDonell, Ireland

Bishop Michael Bowen, Sussex, England

Bishop Langton Fox, British Isles

Bishop James Scanlon, Scotland

Bishop John F. Whealon, Hartford, Conn.

Bishop Coleman F. Carroll, Miami Beach, Florida

Bishop Joseph L. Bernardin, Cincinnati, Ohio

Bishop Bernard F. Law, Springfield, Mo.

Bishop John R. McGann, Brentwood, New York

Bishop Fulton Sheen, New York

Bishop Stephen Kocisko, Pittsburg, Penn.

 Bishop Cornelius N. Power, Portland, Oregon

Bishop William W. Baum, Washington, D.C

Bishop Francis R. Shea, Evansville, Indiana

Bishop Clarence Issenmann, Cleveland, Ohio

Bishop William, R. McManus, Chicago, Illinois

Bishop  Charles R. Koester, St. Louis,Mo.

Bishop Frank E. Bamberg O.C.S.O., Piffard, New York

Rev. Bloeslaw Wyszynski, Rome, Italy

Rev. Andrew Kenneth Kolzow, O.P., River Forest, Illinois

Rev. Gregory Whes, O.P., Cincinnati, Ohio


n.b {  } indicates editor comments which were not included in the original letter.


c Copyright 1975, Francis James Patrick Murray,

Lighthouse Point, Florida

1 {the four kittens}

2 {I actually was convinced – had made the judgement as to who this person was; but I wanted to hear him say it.}

3 {Or attempt to have that happen.}


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