YHWH Says – Page 6

But as fast as I could get them out they were back inside again.

Kittens that large are a nuisance inside the house with their dirt and their messes.

They have big appetites and leave their dirt (feces) and make the house smell.

So I was determined to force them back out.

But they were even more tenacious clawing at the red painted floor

(from which some of the paint had worn away) and almost fighting to stay inside…

unlike ordinary kittens, which are meek.

The father and the mother cat were there too… on the inside.

Then I’m sure they were all in the house, and I woke up.

[Part of the reason for my delay, even though I saw it was only a boy,

I said to myself: best call the police, in case someone else is outside.

So my son who wasn’t really my son must have also got out of bed started to dial the numbers.

It was a black phone one with the dial right at the mouthpiece….a one piece phone, having ear part, dail, and mouthpiece all in one.

He had difficulty dialing (maybe as he was a spy child) and because the stop on the dial moved.

No wonder I didn’t get the inner door open before the boy left.

Then my son was still dialing, I encouraging him, but now it was my real child…

but the dialing was still taking a long time.

And now it was another child dialing who looked like a combination of the spy child son who wasn’t my son, a combination of the spy child son and my own son.

And this third child was both like the spy child and my own boy.

It was both…and neither.]

Page 6