Tell me the meaning of this dream, I said to the one who had wrestled with me. The response came: (not all as I had anticipated it, I thought it pertained to the number of children that I would have… or perhaps to my impending marriage.) “… could it be… the 4 cats are 4 X 10 years… 40 years more until the destruction of the earth.

The four kittens that came through the door mean the number of the years four kittens… four times ten forty years and the earth will be destroyed, 40 years til the end of the world. If the two parent cats were male, that could mean Elijah and Jesus who will return at the end of the world.”

“But,” that person said, “since they are a male and female cat, I don’t know what that might mean.” 

I didn’t want to believe what that person I had wrestled with said, but that’s what that person said: 

“40 years until the destruction of the earth.” As for the return of Elijah… If Elijah came back would the world recognize him. He certainly wouldn’t come as some sinful man. No matter, the world could never recognize Elijah…. the one who proclaimed God’s truth.

The world is sunk in vice…. steeping in the blood of its infants… infants slaughtered in the womb, infants slaughtered by the pagan nations, infants slaughtered by “enlightened” nations, infants slaughtered even by some who call themselves the Israel of God.

….Abomination! ….

The cry of their blood… has reached to heaven. Their blood cries “vengeance,” and “mercy”…. Yahweh has heard. And now,

YHWH Says Page  7